How Much Capital is Required in Order to Open a Forex Account?

So you decided to open a forex account, what's next? What is the best capital you need in order to make a good profit? There are many answers to this question but the main principle is this- the more money you initially invest, the more earning potential you'll have. In other words, if you'll invest 1$ your earning potential will be near nonexistent. The minimum recommended amount for the beginner trader is 250$.  That way it's not too high and not too low, just enough to test the water. The more you trade and learn, the more your earning potential grows.  

In order to practice and learn how the trading world works, it's a good idea to try the CopyKat platform which enables you to copy the trading actions of the best players in the market, so when they make money (which they do, often) you make money too. That way you'll learn how to think like a pro and your investments will yield greater profits.

After that you'll start to develop your own style of trading and it will be easier for you to decide which investment is right for your strategy.

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